Residential Vinyl Flooring Services

We know that each room in your home has different flooring needs.

You could be looking for a Lino Flooring off-cut for your bathroom or an easy-to-clean and nice-to-live-on Vinyl Flooring design for the family room or even a tough carpet to turn your garage into a playroom.

Talk to us today about how different flooring can enhance various rooms in your home.

Your requirements are our priority

  • Quality and stylish for your own-home?
  • Cheap and tough for your rental?
  • An off-cut for your little bathroom?
  • Heavy-duty wood-look easy-to-clean nice-to-live-on flooring for your family room?
  • Tough carpet to turn your garage into a playroom?

Some of it will suit for your application, some won’t… So which one? Why?

Call us to find out about carpet, carpet tiles, vinyl tiles, laminate, wood, rubber, entrance matting, etc.

Check out one of the largest Vinyl Flooring ranges in the country.

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K R Flooring can also assist with

Selection – choose the right product for the best result
Preparation – to get it right the first time
Installation – on time and under budget, anywhere

It’s not really possible to tell you it all here.

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