Sheet Vinyl Flooring Specials

If you want some cheap commercial vinyl or cheap residential vinyl for say your restaurant kitchen, work/home amenities – we are here to help! See below for this month’s special which include some cheap commercial and residential vinyl flooring. And remember there are plenty more in-store.

If you are after a great-looking high-quality commercial vinyl or commercial lino or vinyl tiles, then we are still here to help, but you might be best to visit our showroom or contact us and ask for an on-site visit.

Titan 2m wide Residential vinyl 2DG6

Plain Forrest Green
Was $31/m²           Special $14/m²


Titan 2m Wide Residential vinyl 2CG18

Plain Mango Orange
Was $31/m²           Special $14/m²


Squash 2m Wide Residential vinyl 2DG5

Green Swirl
Was $23.50/m²           Special $14/m²


Batimo 2m Wide Residential vinyl 2CC12

Plain Cream
Was $26/m²           Special $19/m²


Surestep R10 2m Wide Commercial vinyl 1CJ8259

Red / Brown Speckle
Was $20/m²           Special $14/m²


Impress 3m Wide Residential vinyl 3CG3

Old Style Tile Pattern Orange/Brown
Was $23.30/m²           Special $17/m²



While Stock Last.

All Prices Above Are Per Square Meter

Holds Will Not Be Placed On Vinyl

All Prices Include GST

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